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Living for God is a lot easier when you have a group of friends supporting and encouraging you along the way. God created us to have fellowship and that is why we have RevGroups. RevGroups happen every Wednesday @ 7pm with different locations throughout the Peninsula. Come, get connected, and join the family.


Here at The Revolution we love to have fun and hang out with each other. Every Friday we get together for a different events like beach day, bonfires, food, and even trips. Friday Hangouts are definitely something you want to be a part of.


The Bible is the foundation of our faith and the way we live, but at times it can be a bit difficult to know how to learn and apply the word of God. In Revolution Student Training we focus on teaching the word of God in a relevant and meaningful way that anybody can understand. RST is also a place where a student can feel comfortable with not having tons of bible knowledge. Everyone is welcome and everyone can learn.




The Revolution is a place where students can create and enjoy friendships that are positive influences in their walk with God and life.


We welcome anybody and everybody. We center on having a culture of love and acceptance. We want to be a place where people can be encouraged and built up in their confidence and walk with God.


We challenge each student to grow in their walk with God. We don't believe in just being a social club, but we want to see every person growing daily to be more like Jesus. We also understand that everyone is at different stages in their walk with God so it is our goal to help each individual grow in Jesus.


We are a passionate group of students. When it comes to living life and loving God, we believe that it shouldn't be boring. Here at The Revolution we have created a culture of passion and we lead others to become passionate, too.


Every student has a gift or talent that God has given them to use in the body of Christ. In RSM, we believe in giving every student the opportunity to use their God-given gifts to serve their community, friends, and the body of Christ. We train, equip, and empower each student to be all the God has created them to be.


Our highest goal and deepest passion is to be a student ministry that follows Jesus. We believe in not only having an experience with God, but also walking with Him. In The Revolution, we try our best to follow Christ's example and to be the light in darkness. We want to be led by His Spirit.


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