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Sept. 3rd – Section 1 Youth Rally

– Portsmouth, VA
– An exciting youth service with other student ministries from around Hampton Roads. We will be leaving at 6:30PM and returning around 12:00AM.
– The cost will be $10 (cash only).

Sept. 10th – Back To School Party

– 7PM to 9PM
– We will be meeting in the back of the church for a night of fun, as we celebrate the end of an amazing summer! Every RevGroup is responsible for bringing a specific food item.

  • RG 1411: Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream
  • RG 1412: Hot Dog Buns and Chips
  • RG 1421: Cupcakes and Cookies
  • RG1422: Drinks and Sides

Sept. 17th – “Live Again” RSM Prayer

– 6PM to 8PM
– We will meet at the church at 6:00PM to try get as much sunlight as possible! Along with chaperones, we will take the students to take as many cards out as possible to the surrounding neighborhoods, promoting Live Again.

Sept. 24th – RSM Outreach

– Get ready for our annual Junior/Senior Trip. This is a special time for the upper class men of RSM , as we take an overnight trip to Washington D.C. We go to fancy restaurants, visit the Smithsonian Museums, and have lots of fun.
– The cost of this trip is estimated to be $95. This includes hotel, food, and gas.