An Encouragement to the Parent

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An Encouragement to the Parent

As the leader of RSM, I want to take time to encourage the parents of the students in RSM. In speaking with some parents, I have noticed a common thread of feelings of helplessness or exhaustion in being a parent. Each parent is faced with a tremendous amount of responsibilities. Whether you are a stay at home parent, work a full time job, involved in ministry, a single parent, the only parent in church, or all of the above, it can be A LOT.

Sure, parenting is a blessing from God, but it can also be stressful. Not only do you have a responsibility to raise your child, but you also have to deal with the decisions they make. Sometimes, your student may be doing really well: they are succeeding in school, being respectful, and helping out around the house. But there are other times when you begin to wonder, “who are you and what did you do with my child?” This season of parenting can be very challenging. You try to encourage them to do what is right and you try to help them have the right attitude, but it seems like you are doing more damage than good. You fear pushing them away to a point where they will never come back. You even begin to think, “maybe, I am doing something wrong.” You fear that your child’s behavior will embarrass you or that other people will judge you.

I want to encourage you today! It is going to be OK! 
I believe that the enemy has been trying to deceive people into thinking that they have no power or influence when it comes to raising their children. Yes, culture is very influential. Yes, sin is EVERYWHERE. Yes, negative peer pressure is at school. Yes, they will be tempted. Yes, they will fall. Yes, you will make mistakes as a parent. Yes, the world is getting darker and darker. So, then I guess we should give up?….NO! God forbid. I understand that all these things are against us, but let me tell you something in the Holy Ghost…
ONE parent, full of the Holy Ghost and standing on biblical principles, is greater
than all of the powers of culture, worldliness, and darkness combined.

It is time you realize who you are. When God gave you those children, it was His vote of confidence in you. God believes in you. He saw the rough patches. He saw the days were your student would be rebellious, confused, or lonely. He saw all the mess and said that parent will be able to handle it. God has given you what you need to succeed.

Don’t grow weary in well doing. Fight the good fight of faith. Be an example. Pray at church AND pray at home. Prioritize God over everything. Show them love. Stay close to the church. Line up with spiritual authority. Intercede and do spiritual warfare. God will not fail you and He will never leave you. Keep pressing.